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By: Alan C. Pickard

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Why do people love to travel to Costa Rica?

Just what is it about Costa Rica that so many people find so appealing? Is it the God given beauty of the beaches that range from sugar white to almost black sand. Is it the mountains or Rain forest that hold the exotic appeal? It may just be the wonderful laid back people and the relaxed lifestyle........... But I would be willing to bet that it's something different for everyone you ask. It's not just one thing it's a whole group of things combined that make it such a great place for so many different types of people.

You see Costa Rica has something to offer just about everyone........ It's a lot like living in a finely crafted novel about a romantic exotic land. If you love swimming, surfing and having the warm sun on your back at the beach or if you had rather lay in a hammock and enjoy the sounds of a mountain river streaming by while you read a good book Costa Rica has it all. You enjoy the night life or just dinning out there is something for everyone. If  the resort life isn't for you and you had rather live the life of a gentleman farmer, then the Northern Zone has just what your looking for, ranches and farms as far as the eye can see. Spend the afternoon riding zip lines through the canopy or the evening watching Arenal Volcano puff away.

Costa Rica is full of wildlife and tropical plants that are almost too gorgeous for words. Whether it's orchids in the trees or a bright red macaw flying overhead it looks like a National Geographic special with one major difference ...your right in the middle of it all, living it rather than just watching it on TV and just wishing you were there.

So do yourself a favor...start planning your trip today.


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Here is your chance at Christian Mission Opportunities!

Results of MARIANO YOUTH CENTER Mission trip
San Carlos, Costa Rica
Home for girls 10 to 18 years old.
That have suffered sexual or physical abuse, neglect or been abandon.


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Properties for sale!