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Who & What is Rainforest Tropics?

Trying to reflect true Christ like values and way of life.

  • Mission statement:

    Rainforest Tropics is a Nondenominational Evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people primarily in Costa Rica & Central America but open to all possibilities for sharing the gospel. Called into service in 2007 by God, Alan & Patty Pickard and their sons have been sharing God's word and his love with the people of Costa Rica by telling them about the salvation found only in Jesus Christ. Rainforest Tropics objective is to serve the Church that Jesus Christ established in his ministry while here on earth. To continue to spread the gospel and strives to serve Jesus Christ in all things.

    We also use this site to promote our Costa Rican friends and let folks know about people that will give them great value in the services they offer. We as a whole are a group Christian folks that would like to share what we know about Costa Rica with the rest of the world. We don't want to change Costa Rica into the U.S.A. we just want to let the world know what a wonderful place Costa Rica is & share the gospel with others. We would like for the rest of the world to really understand the Pura Vida way of life.

    Let's let the world know about what Costa Rica has to offer!

    As a group we will try and make sure people get a good value for the money they spend! Let's make them want to come back as soon as they can and even more make them wonder what it would be like to live here. Let us give them a taste of the real Costa Rica, the way of Life, Foods, Adventures, Experiences, the People and Families that make it such a wonderful place.

  • For information on advertizing on Rainforest Tropics email us at info@rainforesttropics.net

    Alan C. PickardAlan C. Pickard
    CEO - Designer/Photographer
    Hillsdale Development S.A.

    Sharing the gosple is my main objective! But as for this website - It's my personal goal to make the companies and people listed in this site look the best they can, but at the same time making sure that they are not presented to the rest of the world as something or someone they are not. Honesty and integrity are always at the forefront of my mind. If a advertiser fails to do what they should let us know. We only want the best of the best here. We live by what Matthew 7:12 says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" .


    Patty PickadPatricia A. Pickard
    CFO - Editor
    Hillsdale Development S.A.

    Patty as she is affectionately known by those that are close to her, is the one that filters through all the things Alan puts together and helps get them into a cohesive form. "she helps keep everyone from seeing just how human Alan really is." Catches most of his mistakes anyway. She is an extraordinary cook and artistic individual you might be seeing recipes and cooking advise from her here from time to time


    Clayvin PickardClayvin L. Pickard
    Editor/Writer Outdoor & Adventure from a Teen perspective
    Hillsdale Development S.A

    Clayvin had rather be outside anytime if there is an adventure to be found or a rock to turnover he'll be there. Fishing, Camping and Adventure are his middle name. If you have a interest in this type of thing he's your guy. He is in Costa Rica now working on setting up some stuff for our summer mission trip!


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