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This is it what your donations did to make a real difference!
Summer mission:   We worked with 2 orphanages this past summer.
Work included remodeling .... Handing out Bibles, Sharing the gospel of Christ, plumbing, electrical, carpentry & painting Needs - School supplies, Clothes, Shoes & Personal hygiene items.
We raised Approximately $1700.00
A special Thank you to George "Ernie" Perkins for jumping in to help!
Thank you Spring Place Baptist Church!
Thank you Liberty Baptist Church!
Thank you Cross Pointe Christian Center!
Thank you Swamp Creek Baptist Church!
May God bless you all!

Below as a part of one of the letters I received from a friend in
Costa Rica that works with Children in the San Carlos area.
Please note it is a very rough translation from the Spanish.

Thank you as always we take into account to benefit the children of this Canton.   PANI (National Foundation for Children) at this Office in San Carlos has with the support of two hogarcitos of care and protection of children who have suffered abuse or sexual abuse.  

Located in Ciudad Quesada

MARIANO YOUTH CENTER for girls 11 years to 18 years, maximum 10 girls who have suffered neglect and sexual abuse. " Have a home, but requires more maintenance and construction space for girls. They have no place of recreation, and the rooms are shared by several girls. Is a heart that needs a lot of support and donations such as school uniforms, school supplies books, shoes, girls clothes, and shelter needs some repairs or remodeling.

(We spent most of our time at the Girls home due to their excessive needs & limited funds.)

No more mold

UPDATE: 8/8/2011 - We raised  - Aprox. $1700.00 Cash for this project!
Clothes, Shoes, Toys, School supplies, Christian Coloring books and more.... God is Good
GREAT THINGS HAPPEND ON OUR TRIP.... I'll be posting more very soon!

Going back to try and finish what we started! - With God's help that is!

I'll be updating this page with more as the plans become clearer...and just so you know I warned you...it seems with our best laid plans God always changes them in some form or fashion to fit into His bigger plan!

The young ladies at the MARIANO YOUTH CENTER have no place to play outside and a swing set and a teeter-totter might just fit the bill! I would love to see us build them some outdoor play equipment and add scriptures to the legs and cross bar of the swing set to remind them of Gods love. I would also love to see the murals that are so faded repainted into something inspirational to the girls! Of course we will be doing the most important thing of all while we build, sharing the gospel not only with our work but the time we spend with the girls.

There will be time for visits to the other centers as well, to visit the younger kids as well as the special needs school and may be even the Boy's home. It is during this time we will be planning our next projects and dropping off bibles for the kids and staff. We sure could use some Spanish language bible story books!

Swing set plan

Swing Set

Swing Set Done

The finished Project!

I'm sure there will be things that are even more important that need to be done. The electrical system in the house sure could use some repairs still in the attic to make things safer for the girls.

Bad switch

Above was the switch for the power for the girls home, outside exposed!

The New switch

Thank you Brother Mark Licolin!

For Donations Click Here!

A New Roof is now a new House!

Old Roof

Please read down to the update we need more to finish this project!

As Many of you all ready know God laid it on our hearts to try and raise the funds to put a new roof on one of our neighbors houses. She pretty much raised 11 children as a single mom and now has a grand child in a small house with a 50 year old roof - just up the road from our farm in Costa Rica.
She is a wonderful, loving and caring person, but it's not easy to earn cash for a new roof in Costa Rica..... So we went to some of our local Churches that still realize that the Church is not just a building but the active living body of Christ!
Swamp Creek Baptist Church, Spring Place Baptist Church and a couple of very caring private individuals raised the needed funds.....It was almost double the amount we had hoped to raise!New Tin

 New Tin!

Well on February the 12th, 2011 we traveled to Costa Rica to do what God had laid on our hearts and the living body of Jesus Christ in the form of a couple of very loving Churches & individuals had enabled us to do....."Knock and it shall be opened unto you", proved to be as true as all the other scriptures we have tested over the years. God is always faithful and true to his word!
Hope to post the photos of the finished roof in the next couple of days. It rained while we were there almost every day but her oldest son and a couple of his friends are doing the work and they will email us the photos!
The Photos won't be coming just yet!
Please read update below!

Update: Well as things go we found that the rafters are also rotten! Now we are working and praying God sends the resources needed for new rafters! They do have some of the work done on the house, but the roof is not up yet! God will provide he always does!
A good friend came through with $500 for the roof project.
But if God lays it on your heart to donate to this project ...we could use more. Much of the wood on the house is rotten!


NEWS FLASH! ....... There was an Earth Quake and the old house had to be torn down!
Praise God they were able to live in our house until their new homes were built!
New House

Well God knows best and our efforts have contruted to making it possible to build a New Home!
For more info call: Alan C. Pickard
Cell Phone 706-537-2627
1533 Renfroe Rd. N.E.
Dalton, Ga. 30721