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Emerald Forest Properties helped me find my paradise!

Nine months ago I was poking around the internet looking at real estate and came across Rainforest Tropics site in Costa Rica, where saw House Hunters International used Brad Butler and his Emerald Forest Properties to showcase three homes. I had no idea there was so much for sale and so many Realtors or so called realtors!  I randomly chose a couple companies and Emerald Forest was one of them. I liked what I saw there and sent an email to Brad Butler, asking him to please help us find our paradise! His response was prompt and professional.

We had been to Costa Rica on vacation a couple of times, but really had no idea about the different climates or regions that were good or the ones to avoid; we just knew that we wanted our own place in Costa Rica. Brad was very prompt about getting back to me and had a lot of questions; he wanted to know all about us, our priorities, and of course the budget. We talked on the phone and he told us all about himself and his company, I just had a good feeling about him, and he had done House Hunters too. He lined up several properties for us and we made arrangements to get there quickly because some sounded very promising and we didn’t want to miss out on a good one! He also got us into a very nice hotel/resort near San Carlos where he lives for $50 a night.

So, we get there, the hotel was excellent and we are meeting Brad the next morning.

First thing we do is sit down at a table and he wants to get to know us, there’s no high pressure, or hurry up and go look at properties. We have a week to find something, he’s on mellow Costa Rican time and we are exhaling and trying to slow down to that!

We looked at several places that day and in the process determined that what we wanted wasn’t in our budget in this area, we wanted a decent amount of land with a livable house in the “eternal spring” climate. So Brad went back to researching and the next day he suggested going up around Lake Arenal where prices were cheaper and we could all stay in a lake house where he was dog sitting. The lake house was awesome, the dog was very cool, Coco, and he was glad to see us. When was the last time you lived with your realtor for 3 days, this guy is treating us like we are all old friends and buddies. Needless to say we all got to know each other very well, nothing like having him exclusively to ourselves! He and his partner Donna had a long list of properties for the next day, they were listed with another realtor from that area but he was doing everything he could to help us find the perfect place. And that night we looked at them on the internet, all looked very promising; you really could get more for your money up there!

We started out the next day with breakfast at the German Café in Nuevo Arenal, a very cute community on the lake, after some excellent high powered coffee we were ready to go. They recommended looking at the best one first and it was about 6 miles away.

So here we go down a gravel road, pretty decent compared to some roads there, turn up an even smaller road and go to the end, there’s a Tico house and a nice detached garage/bodega, landscaping like a resort or golf course, and a calf grazing in the front yard and it’s all on 16.5 acres. Looks pretty good…..we get out and walk, it’s raining, actually pouring, but that’s ok, so we walk up to the most awesome view of a river below with rapids that you can hear from the proposed new house spot. They tell us that Volcan Tenorio is visible off in one direction and Lake Nicaragua is visible in another, we have to take their word for it because this day all we see are clouds, but it is amazing even in the rain. We really like this place and we decide to not look at the others since this was the best one of the lot. We couldn’t get in the house and decided to come back another day when we could get in the house and there was another house that had been locked that we wanted to have another look at too. After a second look at both places we decided to make an offer on the 16 acres with the amazing view, we have to go back to San Carlos and get with a lawyer. It took a counter offer to arrive at a deal but we got the place for less than the asking price, wow did we really just find our paradise? OK, we have 3 days left, Brad suggests that we go back up to the lake house and stay until we have to head home so we can visit the property some more! Is he for real, he could have just shaken our hands; said thanks have a safe trip home, see ya.

That was a whirlwind trip, but it turned out to be an awesome trip, an adventure and the beginning of a real friendship. We just got back from 3 weeks at our place, and every time it is more magical, this time we did see Volcan Tenorio, it’s close and very beautiful! We have very nice Tico neighbors, a new house is under way, and I can’t wait to return for the winter!

I wanted to tell this story instead of just saying that I recommended Emerald Forest as a reliable real estate company. I have never had a business dealing that was so focused and attentive, and did all they could possibly do in a short amount of time than these guys gave us. And to go from complete strangers to real friends in a week, maybe we just clicked, I don’t know, but I do know they will go above and beyond to find what you are looking for. They get an A+ from Bill and Gail Moore, Tennessee. Good Luck in your search and I hope you find your paradise too. Gail Moore (muddyforks@bellsouth.net) AND, thank you Rainforest Tropics for directing us to the best real-estate brokerage in Costa Rica, bar none!