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Costa Rica's Emerald Forest Properties featured on HGTV
HGTV's House Hunters International Chooses Costa Rica's Emerald Forest Properties & will show you just how easy it is to live in paradise EPISODE 505
House Hunters International has teamed up with Emerald Forest Properties to show how easy it is to live in exotic Costa Rica. Emerald Forest Properties is known for assisting North American's and Europeans in finding their dream properties in Costa Rica and they give you a real taste of Costa Rican hospitality. Emerald Forest's English speaking Roy Quiros a native Costa Rican takes the guess work out of what may be one of the largest investments of your life & Brad Butler a North American that holds duel citizenship is available to show you just how easy it is to make the move and not feel insecure about your decision. Butler is known for his line, "The saddest words in life are, I wish I had." He only used it once during the shoot by saying he wish he had moved to Costa Rica sooner! Emerald Forest Properties has 22 trained professional agents to make your transition into a brand new life a breeze.
  Brad Butler will be your host. This show will give you a window into the experiences of a young couple from New Jersey buying property in Costa Rica to open their dream Bed and Breakfast. Only the Emerald Forest team knows the outcome....... so I suggest you tune in and see what these real estate enthusiast have in store for you. Life is a journey not a destination so make sure Costa Rica is on your list, you won't regret it.
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ArenalNow that's Power!

It was June the 15th at 2:56 PM local time and we were at Sky Tram waiting to get to the top of the mountain when it happened........ There was a low rumble followed very closely there after by a huge amount of smoke and dust from the volcano. You know it's something special when all the employees of a place that has a perfect view of the volcano everyday of the year come running to see it. You would think that people that live in the very shadow of a volcano would be just a little nervous when you hear a big boom........ but that's not the case here! Everyone is in total amazement at the shear power of it.. don't get me wrong they respect the volcano but they aren't afraid! I think most folks in Costa Rica have a love affair with the volcanoes. They are truly a beautiful thing to behold and while everyone may not share my view it reminds me of the awesome power of God!

Alan C. Pickard

 Where were you when Costa Rica shook?

We were standing in a Furniture store in Ciudad Quesada when the whole store started to move. You could hear the metal roofing start to rattle then you could feel the waves of the earth quake. It's had to imagine or visualize if you have never felt one. Try and think of the waves traveling across the surface of a pond after you have chunked a rock into it. Well the very ground under your feet can do the same thing on a grand scale.

While I or my wife Patty never started to panic or even be afraid, I did start looking around for the most sound structural points in the building. But before diving under something became necessary the waves passed. As we looked out the front window of the store we could see that our Nissan Frontier was still bouncing up and down from the waves...... now I'm not saying coming off the ground....just the suspension was still letting it move around a bit until the inertial energy dissipated. It was one more of a strange event.

We went right about life as usual, but the thing we didn't know was, some people hadn't been so fortunate. There was nothing much that happened where we were, but in the higher mountains where people had built on land that was not so stable things were much worse. La Paz waterfall and the surrounding area didn't fair so well. Thank God things like that don't happen all the time. We didn't take time to watch TV or we would have known how bad some others had faired. It wasn't until I got the emails from our friends asking how we were that I realized the Earth Quake had made the national news and that there had been major damage in the mountains to the southeast. We then saw on TV what the damage had been at La Paz and the surrounding area and our hearts went out to those people. Some of them had next to nothing before and they had to start their lives over from nothing!

We saw people with very little their selves giving....... what a lesson for folks in the states.... people that we would have though had nothing to give - were coming up and donating to the relief effort! Explain to me how we can say - God if you could give me a little more I could do some good in this world....... we don't need more to do some good... God has given us so much now, but we hold on to it rather than using it to help others! In the U.S. And other affluent world countries we need to reevaluate how and why we do things. We waste so much of what we have been entrusted with..........

Alan C. Pickard

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